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Business Account Mapping: New CDD Rules in a Multi-Tiered Business Environment
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 CE Credits

Learn how to open multi-tiered business accounts. Complex business structures with multiple business entities owners present unique challenges in light of new Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules. We will diagram and map out several complicated business structures and learn how to get the proper documentation, resolutions and beneficial ownership in these unique entities.

Webinar Highlights:
• Case Study #1 An... Details
Is Your Account Holder Hiding Money?
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Schemes involving business emails, real estate, perfume and electronics in today's criminal market.

Does your account holder hide money? If so why? Is there a family issue such as gambling or divorce? Or is the account holder hiding money from the government? This program is designed to help you detect the how, where and why of hiding money and how it can be incredibly important to your BSA program. This program... Details
Money Service Businesses
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Does your financial institution have NBFI’s and/or MSB’s as account holders? Is it a challenge to identify those account holders, assess the potential risks they pose to your institution, and monitor those accounts on an ongoing basis? Designing and implementing an effective BSA/AML compliance program that incorporates an effective means of identifying and monitoring these accounts can be difficult.

Topics... Details
SAR Lifecycle: From Alert to Investigation to SAR
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

There are two sources of red flags: the systems and the front line. What are your procedures from systems or front line to investigation to SAR? These procedures could save your financial institution from expensive fraud and money laundering, or if improper, they could result in lack of a systematic approach to the AML program.

Topics Covered

What is a red flag?

What should your... Details
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