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10 Ways to Boost Your Professional Maturity
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hour | 2.00 CE Credits

Professional maturity isn’t tied to age like the name might suggest. Instead, professional maturity relates specifically to how one acts and reacts on the job. It is acquired through the development of a rich combination of self-awareness, self-evaluation and personal insight on how to respond and act according to circumstances. It is observable; something you can see or hear.

When demonstrated, professional maturity... Details
Branch Management Series: Communicating in Your Team
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Across corporate America the two most common complaints from employees are 1) Poor or lack of communication. 2) My manager does not recognize a job well done. Communication is key in building a positive culture. What is the process? How do we improve?

What You Will Learn
• Developing a communication process
• Managing your message
• Effective message delivery
• Obstacles to... Details
Branch Management Series: Defining Team Behaviors for a Greater Success
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.00 CE Credits

If we don’t point the team in the right direction, they will wander around aimlessly. We must redefine success in the brave new world of banking. What does success look like? What are the actions of a successful team member?

What You Will Learn

• How do we redefine success in our changing world
• Identifying successful behaviors
• Establishing standards of behavior
• ... Details
Business Etiquette: More than just Good Manners
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

It’s more important than ever to make every business interaction count. Technology and the expectations of a diverse population create unique challenges never before encountered by a workforce.

The definition of good manners has evolved to include emotional intelligence and self-awareness.

Professional and conscientious workplace behavior helps us gain and retain business. In an increasingly... Details
Call Center Etiquette
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | CE Credits: 2.0

Be honest, trustworthy, courteous, confident, and professional

Every interaction the customer has with your institution is an opportunity to strengthen the customer relationship; turning your customers into loyal and raving fans. Being courteous and professional make the top of the list for any customer contact personnel, but nowhere is that more important than in the Call Center. Whether the call is simply to... Details
Can You Engage the Disengaged Employee?
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours | 2.0 CE Credits

Do you frustrate over the employee who shows low energy on the job? Do you look at a few of your teammates in the workplace and think they are just showing up for a paycheck? When was the last time you found yourself at the end of your rope trying to engage an employee? It's time to tune into this webinar that explores how to engage the employee who isn't pulling his or her fair share of the load.

There is no magic ... Details
Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
Webinar | 1 ½ Hours | 2.0 CE Credits

One of the most difficult things about working with people can be the people. Many of you have to deal with angry or unhappy account holders as part of your job, and it’s never easy. It can be easy, however, to let a challenging person affect you and ruin your day.

There are tried and true ways to smooth over the situation in a way that works for you, your financial institution, and, most importantly, the account... Details
Human Resources Bundle - ON SALE NOW!
The Human Resources Bundle contains three webinars, regularly priced at $567, on sale now for only $399!

This bundle includes the following webinars:

1. Business Etiquette: More than just Good Manners.

It’s more important than ever to make every business interaction count. Technology and the expectations of a diverse population create unique challenges never before encountered by a workforce. The definition of good manners... Details
Seven Habits of Highly Successful Supervisors
Webinar | 1 ½ Hours | CE Credits: 2.00

We will reveal the key components to your supervisory success!

A focus on techniques and strategies that will help you handle your job responsibilities successfully and will increase your personal job satisfaction. If you need others to take direction from you in order to succeed, you will find this program of tremendous value!

Supervisors must master the art of juggling – staff, schedules, meetings,... Details
The WOW Factor - Delivering Exceptional Service
Webinar | 1 1/2 Hours

This webinar is designed to help all the employees of the financial institution understand that we are ALL in the service business. Satisfying the account holder is no longer acceptable. We must take it to a higher level and “WOW” the account holder.

As a result of this session attendees will

• Be able to define a “WOW” in your financial institution
• Discover how we can differentiate our business through... Details